2015 – “Colours of Spain”Album Cover
Solo Guitar Album

Buy now! 15€ + shipping.
Follow the Paypal link below  🙂

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2014 – “Invitation to Tango”Invitation-to-TANGO-cover700-252x259
Compilation album





2012 – “City Festival – Patrick Hutchings Jazz Orchestra”
Alto SaxophoneCity Festival





2010 – “Road to Red Hill”Road to Red Hill cover
West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra
Alto Saxophone with Swing Band (tracks 4, 7)




2009 – “Bach, the Fly, and the Microphone”Old cd cover
Solo Guitar Album

2 thoughts on “Discography

  1. Graham Hawkes says:

    Greetings Stephanie
    Your web page is really good. May I suggest and addition?
    Cheers Graham

    “Invitation to TANGO”. Two tracks in a compilation CD of 14 new Australian tangos with guitar.
    Se baila como eres I and II composed by Philip Bračanin for guitar and clarinet and recorded with Catherine Cahill.


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