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12 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. George Heinsohn says:

    Thanks for your CD “Colours of Spain!” which I received a few days ago.I have since been enjoying your beautiful and virtuosic playing. With very best wishes, George Heinsohn


  2. David Owen says:

    Dear Stephanie, I have just received the disc ” Colours of Spain” having ordered it via your website. Inside was a note from you hoping I would enjoy it. The answer is yes, you are very accomplished. I now live in Queensland and have done so for just over two years having moved over from WA where I lived for forty odd years. I have just returned from there having visited my sister and friends, one of whom was your grandfather Harry Jones. We spent some time together ( including fish and chips at the Fremantle boat harbour ) and it was I was with Harry that I first heard your CD. I send my regards to Tim and Sue and to your other grandparents.

    David Owen


  3. Marilyn Daventry says:

    My goodness me. Is that the sharp, astute, independent and clever Stephanie Jones who I taught?
    Yes indeed it is. I remember you going off for your guitar lessons and how focused you were to follow your dream. I still have the china rabbit and china open book you gave me. You also made me an amazing presentation of thanks. You are a star Stephanie. I hope I can see you one day.


  4. kulturebite says:

    Your CD “Colours of Spain” arrived here in the US safe and sound. It’s an excellent release Stephanie. Thank you!

    Best regards,
    Mark Dagley


  5. Nikki Leonard says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I just received and finished listening to Colours of Spain. It is absolutely wonderful – great phrasing and tone – simply wonderful. I just ordered Bach, the Fly, and the Microphone and am really looking forward to listening to it.

    Thank you! Nikki


  6. Chris Poupart says:

    I have just discovered your wonderful videos on Youtube. I have been playing guitar for about half my life. My two favourite players are Julian Bream and John Williams, and now you are right up there with them. You play with such feeling and emotion. When I hear you play I feel this too. I hope that you will come to Canada one day and play for all of us here. Thanks for your playing.


  7. Jose M. Vadi says:

    Glad to make your acquaintance. You are a great talent and I encourage you to keep scaling the heights. I love your rendition of Piazzola. Your admirer,

    Dr. Jose M. Vadi


  8. Ryan says:

    It sounds wonderful,Rently I watch your play video 《Invierno Porteno》 again and again.If I can play guitar wonderful like you,I will be ecstatic.You are so beautiful.
    Thank you.



  9. Rudy Lopez says:

    Hi Stephanie. I must admit, since I was not much into guitars (Just a bit), I had never heard of you. Last night, while playing my guitar and browsing through You Tube, I came across some of your presentations and I just felt in love with your music, style and just watching you how deep in soul you play it, it’s such a heart catcher. Can’t wait to see one of your concerts here in the Los Angeles are soon. Stephanie, you are the quiz of classical guitar music.


  10. Warren C. Plauche' says:

    Stephanie – It is pretentious to say this but you are the finest female guitarist I’ve heard since Ana Vidovic charmed me 2 years ago. Play on, love you Bach to Piazzola and hair experiments. I’m 85 years old and have heard many fine players, none finer. WCP



    Hola Stephanie primero te debo felicitarte por tus interpretaciones , me gusto mucho FELICIDADE es muy bonita . Quisiera pedirte la partitura de esa pieza con la intención de estudiarla . gracias de antemano


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