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5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. George Heinsohn says:

    Thanks for your CD “Colours of Spain!” which I received a few days ago.I have since been enjoying your beautiful and virtuosic playing. With very best wishes, George Heinsohn


  2. David Owen says:

    Dear Stephanie, I have just received the disc ” Colours of Spain” having ordered it via your website. Inside was a note from you hoping I would enjoy it. The answer is yes, you are very accomplished. I now live in Queensland and have done so for just over two years having moved over from WA where I lived for forty odd years. I have just returned from there having visited my sister and friends, one of whom was your grandfather Harry Jones. We spent some time together ( including fish and chips at the Fremantle boat harbour ) and it was I was with Harry that I first heard your CD. I send my regards to Tim and Sue and to your other grandparents.

    David Owen


  3. Marilyn Daventry says:

    My goodness me. Is that the sharp, astute, independent and clever Stephanie Jones who I taught?
    Yes indeed it is. I remember you going off for your guitar lessons and how focused you were to follow your dream. I still have the china rabbit and china open book you gave me. You also made me an amazing presentation of thanks. You are a star Stephanie. I hope I can see you one day.


  4. kulturebite says:

    Your CD “Colours of Spain” arrived here in the US safe and sound. It’s an excellent release Stephanie. Thank you!

    Best regards,
    Mark Dagley


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